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RAC Warranty

RAC warranty from Avili Motors Ltd is designed to help with the cost of repairs, including replacement parts, labour and VAT.

When you consider most of Today's modern vehicles are far more advanced than their mainly mechanical predecessors containing several hundred components which might fail over time its best to be sure your covered. Vehicle manufacturers are quick to incorporate new technologies into their vehicles to improve the driving experience and a quick look under the bonnet will show you that things have changed.

We here at Avili Motors LTD are an RAC Approved Dealer so all of our vehicles come with RAC BuySure; a guarantee that every vehicle has been prepared to the RAC 82 Point Approved Vehicle Standard and come with 12 months complimentary breakdown cover and a minimum of three months Warranty from the RAC as standard.

The Warranty from the RAC covers all makes and models of vehicle and can give you the extra reassurance that you're covered in the event of something happening to your vehicle. For additional peace of mind, you can extend the term of the cover as you feel is sufficient for your needs, up to 36 months.

What's Included?

RAC Buy Sure


  • rocker assembly
  • valves and guides
  • cylinder head and gaskets
  • pushrods
  • cam-shaft and cam followers
  • timing gears and chains
  • oil pump
  • pistons
  • piston pins and rings
  • cylinder bores
  • connecting rods and bearings
  • crankshaft and bearings
  • distributor drive gear
  • distributor auxiliary shaft and brushes
  • internal bushes
  • flywheel and ring gear


  • gears
  • torque converter
  • clutch and brake bands
  • oil pump
  • shafts
  • bearings and bushes
  • valve block
  • governors
  • synchromesh hubs
  • selectors
  • shafts

Final Drive Differential Assembly

  • crown wheel / piston gears
  • planet gears
  • bearings / bushes
  • half shafts
  • drive shafts
  • constant velocity joints
  • swivel hubs (all wheel bearings
  • drive flanges

Starter Motor

  • armature
  • commutator and bushes
  • shafts
  • piston gear and driveshaft
  • bearings and bushes
  • solenoid


  • armature
  • commutator and bushes
  • shafts
  • bearing and bushes
  • voltage regulator

Cooling System

  • radiator
  • heater matrix
  • oil cooler
  • water pump
  • head gasket
  • thermostat and thermostat housing
  • viscous fan

Steering and Suspension System

  • steering rack and pinion
  • steering box
  • idler box
  • power steering unit including pump
  • self-levelling suspension
  • compressor and control unit.

Braking System

  • master cylinder servo
  • wheel cylinders
  • callipers
  • vacuum pump
  • motor and sensors


  • release bearings
  • pressure plate
  • clutch fork
  • master cylinder
  • slave cylinder

Fuel System

  • carburettor
  • fuel pump
  • fuel injection
  • metering unit
  • air vane meter
  • pump and injectors
  • choke unit

Electrical System

  • window motors
  • engine management unit
  • door mirror motors
  • distributor
  • ignition coil
  • electric ignition
  • wind-screen wiper motors
  • thermostatically controlled cooling fan motors
  • speedometer head
  • horn
  • headlight lift motors
  • headlight wash pump motor
  • factory fitted central locking and sunroof motor

Additional Cover

  • Please see Terms and Conditions for full cover details and exclusions under the above headings in your choice of product from Momentum Warranties Limited

Why purchase a warranty from us?

With increases in insurance premiums and raising fuel costs, car ownership is becoming more and more expensive. Plus, with maintenance and repairs crucial to the preservation of performance and the resale value, keeping mobile doesn't come cheap. Best you invest in a RAC warranty from Avili Motors LTD also don't forget, your warranty is transferable with vehicle on resale.

For more information on RAC BuySure or extending the term of your warranty please get in touch with us on 01582 592544.

RAC Buy Sure

Silver Maintenance Breakdown

  • Engine
  • Timing Belts
  • Turbo (Factory fitted)
  • Gearboxes (Manual / Automatic)
  • Continuous Variable Transmissions CTX / CVT
  • Drive System (Front / Rear)
  • Electrics
  • Brakes
  • Steering
  • Cooling System
  • Casings

Gold Maintenance Breakdown

  • Engine
  • Timing Belts
  • Turbo (Factory fitted)
  • Gearboxes (Manual / Automatic)
  • Continuous Variable Transmissions CTX / CVT
  • Drive System (Front / Rear)
  • Excluding: Beam axel and bearings, radius arm and bearings, rubber gaiters drive flange, together with all other
  • parts not listed.
  • Brakes
  • Steering
  • Cooling System
  • Propshaft
  • Fuel System (Petrol / Diesel)
  • Front / Rear Suspension
  • Wheel Bearings
  • Clutch
  • Electrics
  • Electronic Control Unit
  • Casings

Platinum Maintenance Breakdown

  • All mechanical and electrical parts are included for failure to perform their normal function or breakdown
  • together with:
  • Turbo / Supercharger (factory fitted)
  • Catalytic Converter
  • Air Conditioning (Factory fitted)
  • In-car entertainment (up to a maximum of £100 per repair request)
  • Timing Belts
  • Casings
  • Parts are included providing the conditions of this Agreement including servicing requiements are complied with.

RAC Assistance

RAC Assistance: 12 months' complimentary cover included in every warranty

  • Roadside: If your car breaks down at the roadside a patrol will come and fix it.
  • Recovery: If your car cannot be fixed by the patrol then RAC will recover it to garage of your choice.
  • Onward Travel RAC will recover the vehicle to your destination if required.
  • Hotel Accommodation If you are stranded by breakdown the RAC will pay for hotel accommodation.